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Sustainable Textile Developments

As consumers and designers are becoming more aware of the materials used in their products, new innovations are being developed to meet the need for sustainable textiles. From organic materials...

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Know Your Fabric Finish Options

Fabric technology has developed so that many quality commercial fabrics inherently meet standards for commercial use in flame retardancy, abrasion, antimicrobials, lightfastness, etc. But it is common for many designers to request...

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Wyzenbeek Performance Testing

For some time the contract textile industry has been disconcerted by the variability of Wyzenbeek Performance test results. Results can and do vary significantly even when the same fabric is...

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Do Abrasion Tests Indicate Durability?

The contract textile industry has struggled for years with the negative impact of ever-increasing abrasion resistance numbers. Recognizing that these numbers are believed to represent lifespan and durability for contract...

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