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Our Sustainability Story

Sustainability is our heart.

It's part of everything we strive to be and reflects how we contribute to the well-being of our planet. We are consciously addressing our product mix and supply chain to do our part to tackle climate change. Many of our collections are made using upcycled, recycled, and natural yarns. This results in significantly less water and energy usage and no harmful industrial waste. Our partnerships with mills that focus on water conservation, recycled products, and safe chemistry makes the world better, one yard at a time.

LebaTex is committed to achieving sustainability milestones by 2033 in three key areas.

Responsibly Sourced Fibers and Fabrics

LebaTex products will be produced using at least 80% recycled polyester content or bio- based alternative compositions. Our print-on-demand process is designed to minimize fabric and ink waste. Going digital reduces waste by printing the exact quantities needed, with no leftover materials.

Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Our climate action plan will decrease emissions in our business and supply chain aiming for a net zero carbon footprint. We will improve processes, reduce raw material inputs, and lower our overall energy consumption.

Responsible Chemistry

LebaTex is committed to the use of clean chemistry. We will source safer, alternative fabric finishes and constructions that are cleanable without harmful chemicals to keep our customers, employees, supply chain, and the environment PFAs free.


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