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A Guide to Choosing the Right Commercial Fabric

When it comes to selecting commercial fabrics, making informed decisions is crucial. Whether you are furnishing a hotel, restaurant, office, or any other commercial space, the right fabric can greatly impact durability, aesthetics, and overall functionality. Here we will explore the key factors to consider when choosing commercial fabrics. By understanding aspects like durability, stain resistance, UV Inhibitors, and fire-retardant properties, you will be well-equipped to make the right choice for your commercial space. 


Durability: The Foundation of Commercial Fabrics

Durability is a top priority when it comes to commercial fabrics. The fabric should withstand heavy use, frequent cleaning, and potential wear and tear. Look for fabrics with high abrasion resistance and a strong fiber composition like nylon, polyester, or acrylic. Additionally, consider the Martindale or Wyzenbeek rub count, which indicates the fabric's ability to resist abrasion. Aim for a higher rub count for high-traffic areas.


Stain Resistance: Keeping Your Commercial Space Spotless

Commercial spaces are prone to spills, stains, and accidents. Selecting fabrics with excellent stain resistance is essential to maintain a clean and professional appearance. Look for fabrics treated with stain-repellent finishes or those that have inherent stain-resistant properties. Fabrics like Crypton can provide excellent stain resistance, making them suitable for busy areas like restaurants, hotels, or healthcare facilities. 


UV Inhibitors: Long Lasting Vibrancy

Maintaining the vibrant colors of your commercial fabrics is crucial for a visually appealing space. UV inhibitors are applied to fabrics to shield them from UV radiation, preventing fading and discoloration. They preserve the vibrancy and color retention of commercial fabrics, extending their visual appeal. Fabrics with solution-dyed fibers or treated with UV inhibitor finishes excel in resisting fading caused by light, cleaning agents, and environmental factors. When selecting fabrics for commercial spaces, it's crucial to assess their rating and choose those capable of enduring the specific demands of the environment.


Fire-retardant Properties: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Compliance with fire safety regulations is paramount in commercial spaces. Look for fabrics that are inherently flame-resistant or have been treated with fire-retardant finishes. Fabrics meeting standards such as NFPA 701 or CAL 117-2013 provide assurance of fire resistance. It is crucial to adhere to industry-specific fire codes and requirements to ensure the safety of occupants and comply with legal obligations.


Evaluating Fabric Samples: Look, Feel and Test

Before making a final decision, evaluate fabric samples to assess their suitability for your commercial space. Consider the visual appeal, texture, and overall feel of the fabric. Perform stain tests on samples to gauge their stain resistance. If possible, obtain larger fabrics swatches to observe how they look in different lighting conditions. This hands-on evaluation will provide a better understanding of how the fabric will perform in your specific environment.



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