Window treatments are an aspect of the interior space that every designer must address when developing their concept. Whether the window is the focal point of a room or an element that adds to the overall aesthetic, windows are an important part of the design that sometimes gets overshadowed by other elements.
When considering window treatments, there are a number of things to consider: location of the window in the room, size of the window, direction the window is facing, amount of light coming through, furniture near the window, fixtures on the wall around the window, colors used in the room, and the list goes on.
But one thing in the realm of window treatments that has been tried and true (though it has been challenged) is sheers. The finely woven fabric that lets a nice amount of light through without sacrificing privacy. Some may disregard sheers as a simple piece that isn’t necessary or doesn’t require much thought. But when done correctly and considered part of the design, sheers can add a beautifully elegant touch to the room that boosts perceived value.

Why not just use blackouts?


Blackout drapery on its own provides a nice canvas for design and color, and it serves its purpose for its intended use – block the sunlight. But it is limited to just the the two options of blocking the sunlight or leaving it fully exposed. When drapes are closed, it becomes a well-decorated section of the wall, but you are reduced to unnatural light. When open, you are left with whatever is outside (hopefully a beach or snowcapped mountains as opposed to a parking lot).

What about roller shades?

Roller shades are an alternative to sheers that have become a popular option, but with a number of drawbacks. The design is typically relatively simple, like sheers, but have many more opportunities to fail, which designers find often and are left scrambling to find a solution – the tension spring stretches or comes loose, the unit falls off from constantly being pulled on, tension on the material creates wrinkles and holes, or people find them to difficult to operate.
Basically, roller shades are a DIY project of maintenance and blandness. 

Sheer perfection.

More than just the name of the LebaTex sheer collection to launch in November 2018, sheers provide a perfect solution for design and function. While closed, sheers can still provide a nice canvas for design and color, but also let light shine through. This also allows for additional creativity to play with how light interacts with the sheers and the rest of the room. 
There’s also the added physical and mental benefits of allowing natural light into the room (while still having privacy). Regular exposure to natural light is shown to reduce stress and anxiety as well as boost your immune system. Even judging the time of day by the position of the sun can regulate your sleep patterns. But studies show that most people spend about 90% of their day indoors. Sheers allow the light in.
Be it an office space, hospital, hotel room, or even the home, sheers provide an attractive option to be artistic and functional without difficulty.
You can view all of the in-stock sheers from LebaTex here or pre-order the Sheer Perfection collection book by LebaTex here, featuring a beautiful selection of colors, patterns, and textures.