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Celebrating 20 Years with 20 Collaborations

LebaTex 20th Anniversary Collection Designer Collaborations

From humble beginnings in a suburban New York garage 20 years ago in 1999, it is special to think about where LebaTex is now as an international textile supplier servicing the interior design community. To celebrate what has been a tremendous adventure in a wonderful industry, we embarked on another adventure and involved some of our closest friends.

The 20th Anniversary Collection is a product of 20 fun and inspiring collaborations with 20 designers from some of the top interior design firms across the United States. Each designer worked with our design team to develop a pattern that represents them and their design aesthetic. Each pattern designed to be customized and printed on a variety of fabrics for different end uses.

Over the next year, these truly unique designs from our collaborators will be introduced to the market and show what makes the interior design community so special. 

The First Five

The First Five designer patterns in the 20th Anniversary Collection range from large geometric shapes to organic patterns inspired by nature. We are proud to have partnered with such creative and successful designers to create such wonderful patterns that can serve in a multitude of ways.

Donald Strum, Michael Graves Design

For Donald's pattern, he wanted to embody positivity, optimism, and hope. The Wish Ware pattern is defined by the dandelion, which symbolizes the sun (its golden head), the moon (the puffy white seed), and the stars (when they blow to the winds.)

View the Wish Ware pattern.


LebaTex 20th Anniversary Collection Designer Fabrics
Jeff Ornstein, J/Brice Design

Having always been inspired by the classic houndstooth pattern throughout his design work, Jeff was able to develop this timeless design into a modern and fun pattern.

View the Quadrant Hill pattern.

Jeffrey Beers, Jeffrey Beers International

Drawing inspiration from his upbringing in New York City, Jeffrey developed a pattern reminiscent of the city’s contrasting metal fire escapes against the brick buildings.

View the City Escape Pattern.

Lesley Hughes Wyman & Tamara Ainsworth, MatchLine Design Group

Tapping inspiration from the classic geometries visualized throughout the Art Deco movement, Lesley and Tamara created a design with a modernized take on clean, symmetrical stylings.

View the Deco pattern.

Meri Meis, Meri Meis Associates

Meri created an intricate pattern that is contemporary yet energized. Her inspiration for this design came from fashion-forward items, especially jewelry.

View the Abstracture pattern.

All of the patterns in the 20th Anniversary Collection are part of the M.O.D. program from LebaTex. They are fully customizable and can be printed on any LebaTex base cloth appropriate for drapery, upholstery or bedding end uses with no minimum yardage required.

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