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Are You On Board with the Digital Textile Revolution?

Advancing technology has already changed the textile industry. Design trends are now adopting the latest innovations.
Digital Custom Printed FabricDigitally printed fabrics from the Zen Garden trend in the LebaTex M.O.D. program.

Digital printing is a growing trend in fabric adornment. While not entirely new, it has been replacing screen printing as the industry favorite. As we continue to see the use of digital technology increasingly implemented in all industries, this growing trend allows textile manufacturers to offer nearly infinite options for designers and their clients alike.
By printing directly onto the fabric, like you would with a sheet of paper, a concept can go from design to production almost instantly. The more efficient production process greatly reduces lead times and costs to the manufacturer, resulting in reduced lead times and costs to the designer. From an environmental and economical perspective, because there is no screen or stencil, ink is used more effectively, which results in very little waste. These leaps in productivity convert cost reductions into savings for businesses as well as clients.

Pucker Up Allison Eden Printed Fabric


But digital printing isn’t just good for the bottom line; designers can also benefit from the creative opportunities that it offers. Not only is the gap closing between design and production, detail has improved immensely. There are now unlimited color options and, because the process is less costly and more efficient, there is much more room for experimentation. Designers are now able to create more custom projects with more control, resulting in an increase in unique products and spaces. And with digital printing, the finished project will more closely resemble a designers’ ideas.

LebaTex is taking this custom digital printing trend one step further with a unique program called M.O.D., which stands for Manufactured On Demand. With no minimum quantity order; over 300 patterns to start from; 20+ in-stock upholstery, drapery and bedding base cloths to digitally print on; and the option to MODify the colors and/or scale of the pattern, the M.O.D. program from LebaTex is a chance for designers to explore and test their creativity.

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