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Know Your Fabric Finish Options

Water Beading Bella-Dura

Fabric technology has developed so that many quality commercial fabrics inherently meet standards for commercial use in flame retardancy, abrasion, antimicrobials, lightfastness, etc. But it is common for many designers to request an additional finish to address the needs of a project, for example a final product that will be exposed to harsh natural elements or used in a healthcare setting.

There are a number of finish options, some of them more proven than others, that can address stains, odors, germs, water, cleaning, and more.

These are the top 3 most common finishes with demonstrated performance, all of which are available with LebaTex fabrics:

INCASE® Fabric Protection


Crypton® INCASE®

INCASE® is an advanced performance finish from Crypton® that provides superior liquid and stain repellency, easy stain release, plus odor resistance. With GREENGUARD Gold certified technology, INCASE fabrics are perfect for spaces that require just a little added cleanability – cubicle curtains, upholstery, panel fabric, top of bed… just about anywhere that a moisture barrier isn’t necessary.

INCASE formulations are customized for each fiber type — polyester, wool, rayon, cotton, synthetics and many more – to ensure performance properties work consistently across all fiber types and fabric constructions. Specialized flame retardancy formulations are also available upon request.

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Alta™ Technology

Alta™ is a technology developed by Applied Textiles that is engineered to work for virtually any fabric application in a wide range of environments, including hospitality, healthcare, corporate, residential, institutional, food services and entertainment.

Alta is a permanent finish that provides high repellency and resistance to spills and stains; exceptional cleanability, reducing the need for chemical cleaning agents; and enhanced physical properties of fabrics – seam strength, abrasion resistance, fraying. Alta™ is also an eco-effective and sustainable technology, extending the life-cycle of fabrics and reducing landfill utilization.

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Nanotex® Stain Resistance


Nanotex™ stain protection

Since 1998, Nanotex® has been providing performance finishes for contract upholstery, offering a menu of options including stain resistance, odor resistance, and a liquid barrier called Durablock. Altering the fiber at the nano level, this menu of options allows the designer the freedom to choose their textile and add the performance benefits desired for their specification.


Widely integrated into the apparel industry, Nanotex offers 11 unique protective formulas using nanotechnology, transforming the molecular structure of fibers to create fabrics that offer performance and comfort. By working at the nano-scale, these textile enhancements provide amazing functional improvements without changing the natural characteristics of the fabric, like hand and drape. Plus, since these technologies permanently bond with the individual fibers of the fabric, their durability is unsurpassed.

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