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Meet the Bella Dura™ Collection: Our Promise to Sustainability

Get ready to revolutionize your design projects with LebaTex's collection of Bella Dura™ indoor/outdoor fabrics. We proudly introduce this collection that is reshaping the world of upholstery textiles. With 23 stunning patterns available in an astonishing 162 SKUs, this collection is the ultimate choice for high-traffic hospitality spaces, all while leaving a minimal environmental footprint. Lets explore the details together.

Elevating Upholstery Fabrics


The Bella Dura collection is poised to redefine upholstery fabrics, seamlessly marrying durability with sustainability. LebaTex's commitment to quality and aesthetic excellence is evident in the collection's impressive features. Boasting a lightfastness rating of 1500 hours and inherent resistance to stains, UV rays, and mildew, these fabrics retain their beauty even in the harshest sunlight.

Innovative Color Retention

What distinguishes the Bella Dura collection is its unparalleled color retention. Leveraging innovative solution-dyed fibers that incorporate color during yarn manufacturing, this breakthrough technology ensures bleach cleanability and vibrant, lasting colors. Designers can now confidently create vibrant and long-lasting interiors with the Bella Dura collection.

Sustainability at its Core

LebaTex's dedication to sustainability shines through the Bella Dura collection. Embodying Cradle to Cradle principles, every step of the production process is mindful of environmental impact and responsible sourcing. The closed-loop recycling process ensures that waste materials re-enter the recycling stream after approval, contributing to a sustainable future.

Made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA, the Bella Dura collection utilizes fibers originating as by-products and culminating in fully recyclable products. The solution-dyed yarns not only eliminate the need for extra chemicals or dyes but also lead to reduced energy and water consumption, contributing to a zero-environmental-pollution approach.

Elevate your Projects, Today!

To experience the Bella Dura collection firsthand, interior designers can order samples or obtain more information by clicking here, or by reaching out to a LebaTex representative. Integrate sustainability and style seamlessly into your hospitality designs with the Bella Dura collection by LebaTex.


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