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Introducing the Galaxy Sheers Collection

Embark on a celestial journey with our latest Galaxy Sheers collection, designed to enchant and elevate commercial and hospitality spaces. With 14 unique styles and 33 SKUs, these wide-width sheers, ranging from 106 to 130 inches, are the perfect choice for taller windows, adding sophistication to any setting.

Safe and Stunning: Practicality Meets Beauty

In the world of commercial and hospitality design, practicality is crucial. LebaTex's Galaxy Sheers collection is not only a work of art but also designed with durability and safety in mind. Each fabric undergoes rigorous testing to ensure longevity and performance, while being flame-resistant and passing NFPA 701 standards, offering peace of mind for designers and clients alike.


Versatile Designs: Tailored to Your Vision

Flexibility is key in commercial and hospitality spaces, where aesthetics play a crucial role. The Galaxy Sheers collection caters to diverse design preferences, featuring staple and lightweight styles to intricate embroidery options. This versatility empowers designers to find the perfect sheer that complements their interior vision and enhances the ambiance.


Elegance for Taller Windows: Heightened Drama

Commercial spaces often boast tall windows that demand a touch of grandeur. The Galaxy Sheers' wide-width options, ranging from 106 to 130 inches, elegantly drape from floor to ceiling, creating a seamless flow that adds height and drama to any room. Embrace the celestial allure and transform any space.

Experience the beauty of the cosmos while meeting the demands of the commercial and hospitality design industry with LebaTex's Galaxy Sheers collection. Safety, versatility, and elegance blend seamlessly in this collection, making it the perfect choice for designers aiming to elevate their spaces. Explore the Galaxy Sheers collection here and unlock next level sophistication for your upcoming design project.


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