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BDNY 2023 Recap

The LebaTex team had an exceptional experience at BDNY, the premier event in the hospitality industry. Filled with creative inspiration and a sense of fulfillment, our interactions with visitors left us invigorated. If you weren't able to join us, don't worry – we've captured the essence of our journey in this blog. Come, join us as we delve into the details together!
Our Hard Work Comes to Fruition
The anticipation leading up to BDNY 2023 was palpable for our team as we eagerly awaited the opportunity to showcase our dedication to attainable luxury in the hospitality industry. As the doors opened, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived - our meticulously designed booth came to life with its opulent display of textiles. The hanging fabrics, draped in a flowy and organic manner, created an atmosphere of elegance. The sleek design of our booth was a testament to our commitment to providing a luxurious experience for interior designers and hospitality professionals.
Crafting Elegance with Love: The Artistry Behind our Booth
Behind the scenes, the process of putting together our booth was a labor of love. Every detail, from assembling the rings with supple leather to carefully styling long, flowing fabrics, was executed with both precision and passion. The addition of our exclusive candles and chocolates infused an extra layer of warmth, creating a space that invited visitors to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of care and service. Our team's dedication to perfection was evident, and we were thrilled to unveil the Piermont collection at BDNY - a moment that truly reflected the culmination of our hard work and creativity.
A Booth Filled with Love
The biggest highlight from BDNY was the chance to connect with fellow design enthusiasts and industry professionals. Meeting so many talented and creative individuals was an inspiring experience. Our booth became a hub for forging connections and fostering relationships. Our commitment to personal service during BDNY centered around ensuring that every visitor felt catered to and loved. We were so happy to discuss how their projects were doing, and how our textiles could be tailored to them in order to take them to the next level!
In conclusion, BDNY 2023 was a resounding success for us. The joy of seeing our booth design come to life, the process, and the opportunity to connect with the vibrant community of interior designers left us feeling inspired. We look forward to being your trusted team to go to that elevates and enhances your design journey.


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