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Zoom Songbird-Shoreline M.O.D. Pattern

Songbird-Shoreline M.O.D. Pattern


A customizable pattern designed by Anissa Mendil and Ben Meyer of Mendil + Meyer Design Studio.

Influenced by the history of Lebatex and specifically Leba meaning love, we were initially drawn to the hummingbird for inspiration as in many cultures it is said to be the bringer of love, good luck and joy.

Given this connection to Lebatex, the loving connection between Mendil + Meyer as husband and wife and the desire to spread a little joy in the world, we looked to the Songbird to carry this message through our design.

Depicted in a graphical form and then multiplied, the Songbird creates a unique pattern which is abstract to the casual observer but has a deeper meaning when its true spiritual definition is revealed.

For spec information, please reference the base cloth.

Base Cloth: Harding

SKU: 8034-20-HDG

Repeat: 18"H x 18"V 

Strike Off on an Alternate Base Cloth

Please Note: The base cloth, SKU and repeat were chosen by the designer for how they felt the design was best portrayed. You can order samples of the fabric with these specifications or you can customize the design and have a strike-off printed within 72 hours of you design approval.

Songbird-Shoreline M.O.D. Pattern



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