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Zoom Halyofest-Urban Umber M.O.D. Pattern

Halyofest-Urban Umber M.O.D. Pattern


A customizable pattern designed by the team at Ritsick Design Associates.

The stimulus for Halyofest came from a large gathering of the common brown shield bug or Halyomorpha Halys in the Ritsick Design Associates office. The small invasion gave rise to some research spirit and closer examination of an insect that is much reviled. The team discovered on further inspection a gorgeous silhouette and fascinating markings which then inspired them to use this shape as a starting point for a fabric design. Using Mayuri’s initial shield shape to form kaleidoscope rosettes and creating a slightly retro, loosely woven plaid-like lattice for structure, the team built a pattern that connects us directly back to nature and the realization that sometimes beauty can be found in the strangest of places.

For spec information, please reference the base cloth.

Base Cloth: Simon

SKU: 8039-20-SIM

Repeat: 13.5"H x 13.5"V 

Strike Off on an Alternate Base Cloth

Please Note: The base cloth, SKU and repeat were chosen by the designer for how they felt the design was best portrayed. You can order samples of the fabric with these specifications or you can customize the design and have a strike-off printed within 72 hours of you design approval.

Halyofest-Urban Umber M.O.D. Pattern



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