Quadrant Hill-Shelter Island M.O.D. Pattern

Color : Shelter Island
SKU : 9415-30-SPL

A customizable pattern designed by Jeff Ornstein of J/Brice Design International.

Quadrant Hill is inspired by the timelessness of the houndstooth pattern, which has been a vital part of the design lexicon since its introduction in 350 BC, and still appears in high fashion collections to this day.

For spec information, please reference the base cloth.

Base Cloth: Splendid

SKU: 9415-30-SPL

Repeat: 6"H x 6"V 

Strike Off on an Alternate Base Cloth

Please Note: The base cloth, SKU and repeat were chosen by the designer for how they felt the design was best portrayed. You can order samples of the fabric with these specifications or you can customize the design and have a strike-off printed within 72 hours of you design approval.

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