Purchasing Our Fabric

When it comes to fabrics, we strive for a perfect balance between durability and style. Whether you need upholstery, drapery, indoor/outdoor fabric, or all of the above, our knowledgeable sales reps and dedicated customer service team is here to help with all your textile needs!

Q: How can I find my sales representative?

It’s easy! Just go to the Contact Us page to locate the sales representative who covers your area.

Q: I am located outside of the United States. Who is my contact?

We service international accounts out of our headquarters in New York. Please call us at 1.888.9.LEBATEX or email LebaTexHelp@lebatexinc.com .

Q: I am not in the Hospitality trade, can I still buy fabric?

Of course! We are happy to service all residential trade requests. Please call us at 1.888.9.LEBATEX or email LebaTexHelp@lebatexinc.com.

Q: Is stock available on fabric?

Yes, stock is available on most fabrics. At times there may be a back order on popular items however we strive to keep inventory levels full on all in stock fabrics. For stock check on specific items please call us at 1.888.9.LEBATEX or contact your sales representative.

Q: Can I place fabric on reserve or hold if it is in stock?

Sure! After your sales representative confirms that stock is available, we can place goods on hold for 5 business days.

Q: How can I get stock pricing on fabric?

We happily service all size jobs, so price varies depending upon volume ordered. Please contact your LebaTex sales representative for trade pricing.

Q: Does LebaTex accept payment by credit card?

Yes. We accept credit card payments for orders subject to accounting review. Otherwise, we will gladly accept a check, money order, or wire transfer.


See a pattern you love on our website? Let us send you a FREE sample!

Q: How can I see a full repeat of the pattern?

Don’t worry, our memos are designed to encompass the majority of the pattern. For larger samples or a 1 yard order, please contact your LebaTex sales representative.

Q: How quickly will my sample request be processed?

Sample requests are usually processed and shipped FREE within 24 hours of receipt by Federal Express Ground service. Larger requests may take additional time. Please provide your shipping account number for rushed sample orders faster than Ground service.


Feeling creative? Find inspiration and customize! Don’t worry, our customs department is happy to accommodate your custom requirements.

Q: Can I custom color a running line pattern?

Yes! Our running line products can be custom colored. Our design department is happy to assist you with any special requests you may have. Please email us at Customs@lebatexinc.com or call 1.888.9.LEBATEX.

Q: Can I supply my own design for a custom project?

Yes, we will need your design file, and a signed form that you own copyrights for the design.

Q: Can a custom be woven?

Yes, we can weave a variety of patterns, textures and solids for many end uses including bedding, drapery, sheers and upholstery for indoor and outdoor use. We offer extensive yarn banks, wide and narrow drapery sheer options, black outs and liners. We can offer you access to hundreds of construction options. Minimums do apply, so please inquire for more information at Customs@lebatexinc.com or call 1.888.9.LEBATEX.

Q: I like a print but would like it on a different base cloth. Can I do this and what is the minimum?

You can change any of our available running line prints to any of our running line base cloths. We recommend a strike off before changing the base cloth. Minimums do apply, please email us at Customs@lebatexinc.com or call 1.888.9.LEBATEX.

Q: What are your digital printing capabilities?

We love prints! Digital printing is a great option for vibrant textiles. We have a large selection of substrates to choose from including upholstery, vinyl, polyurethane, bedding, sheers, and drapery qualities. Using our artwork or yours, the possibilities are endless. We offer access to our extensive design library, expert color matching and engineering to your installation specification. There are no minimums required, no repeat constraint and no extra charges to change color, repeat or scale our designs.


Need durability without compromising style? Just take a look at our high performance finishes.

Q: Can I change or add a finish to an item?

Yes, Lebatex provides an array of appropriate finishes for high traffic areas in hospitality, healthcare and education installations. Finishes include Stain Repellent, Moisture Barrier, Flame Retardant, Stabilizing Backing, Crypton®, Nanotex®, GreenShield® and Antimicrobial. Minimums apply, so please contact Customs@lebatexinc.com for more information.

Q: How is the Nanotex® technology applied?

The technology is dispersed in H20. The fabric is immersed in water/Nanotex® and then cured under specific heat profiles to give great performance with a very soft hand.

Q: Is Nanotex® technology permanent?

Yes. Remember your chemistry class and the dreaded “covalent bond?” That’s Nanotex® in action! A permanent bond and no effect on the fabric’s hand. The technology was originally created for apparel and it is built to withstand repeated cleanings.

Q: Does Nanotex® have antimicrobial characteristics?

Nanotex® on its own is not an antimicrobial, but can be combined with BioAM, an antimicrobial treatment.

Q: Does Nanotex® and BioAM antimicrobial contain silver?

No. Nanotex® does not contain any heavy metals due to their downstream effects on the environment.

Q: Why is Nanotex® considered an environmentally friendly soil and stain finish?

The technology is designed to use as little chemicals as possible but continue to be extremely efficient. In addition, the soil and stain resistance will help the products stay cleaner for a longer period of time reducing product replacement and, ultimately, waste.

Q: What are the benefits of using INCASE® Crypton® Technology performance finish?

INCASE® Crypton® Technology provides high performance stain protection, microbial protection and odor protection. It also helps the fabric endure repeated cleanings.

Q: What types of fabrics can be finished with INCASE® Crypton® Technology?

Almost any kind of fabric! For specific inquiries, please email Customs@lebatexinc.com.

Q: Does INCASE® Crypton® Technology have any microbial characteristics?

Yes! INCASE® Crypton® Technology uses Silver Ion Technology to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Q: Does INCASE® Crypton® Technology change the appearance or hand of the fabric?

No. Don’t worry, INCASE® Crypton® Technology gives you all the protection without altering the look or feel of the fabric.

Q: Is INCASE® Crypton® Technology permanent?

Yes, INCASE® Crypton® Technology is permanent and can withstand repeated cleanings.

Q: Is INCASE® Crypton® Technology environmentally friendly?

Yes. There is no detectable PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) or PFOS (Perfluorooctane Sulfonate) and no harmful VOC (Volatile organic compound) emissions.

Have a question we didn’t answer? Please send us an email at LebaTexHelp@lebatexinc.com and we will gladly answer your question.